Mayor: “How do we avoid this situation again? I don’t know.” (JC Press)

Really ?

You don’t get it Mr. Mayor ?

Such a simple solution.


It’s really just as easy as that.  You know it, you just don’t want to admit it.   All the reasons for keeping it secret don’t amount to a hill of beans.


Project “X”

The much talked about, of late, Project X, where Washington County has offered to spend a million dollars on an unknown (to most) property, because the Industrial Board agreed to a ‘confidentiality agreement’, turns out today (according to the JC Press), to have been merely a verbal agreement.  Nothing written, not even an email !

Kudos to the Industrial board and Mayor for knowing how to avoid a paper trail.  We may have an ethically challenged government, but at least you can’t accuse them of being too careless !

And here we go !

Well, we’re up an running.  The Spotlight is a written collection by concerned Washington County, Tennessee residents.  Our purpose is to ‘shine a light’ on the operation of local government, both county and city, as we feel open, transparent government, and true representation of all the folks of Washington County, is in the best interest of all.

In the coming weeks, months and years, we plan to publish articles, and opinions, written by the group concerning the operation of county and city government.